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ahhh summer comes and goes too quickly. hello august.

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It’s the 31st of July and I’m wishing time would just pause a little. As much as i’ve enjoyed this summer, and I still have 31 days of freedom before nursing school, i just feel like there’s so much i should be doing.

Things i’ve done:

1. Boston Aquarium

2. Romantic picnic at rye beach

3. Les Claypool concert

4. Watched the sunset

5. Drove up north

6. Read a ton of books

7. Cinco de mayo in boston at bars for megs bday

8.Taught my brother how to drive and successfully got his license


Things i want to do:

1. Scuba dive

2. Tubing

3. Deep sea fishing

4. Go to south carolina

5. Go to nyc


There’s been so many rain days though im hoping summers just beginning. I’m getting the new blackberry tour tom so i can get some nursing apps on it, and be online all the time because i hear they’re like crack, hence: Crackberry. Nonetheless, i’m excited. I could diagnose shit on the spot with that thing 😉


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2009/07/31 at 11:13 pm

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