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What is Reiki?: An article geared to anyone interested in/practicing health

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Reiki is pronounced (ray-key) it is an ancient Japanese practice that uses “Universal Life Energy” or ” God directed energy”

Reiki is guided by the Higher Intelligence that sustains and balances all life on this planet. It is an intelligent energy of love and wholeness. It understands the cause of problems and what healing is necessary. The Reiki energy has a wisdom of its own, healing and balancing all aspects of a person’s mind, body, emotions and spirit.

It is a gentle non-invasive method of hands on-healing that does provide balance to the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental issues in our life. In practicing Reiki healing one can also develop personal and spiritual growth.

It is very easy to learn, simple to use and can benefit everyone. It has nothing to do with Religion and can be practiced by all. You can use it on family, friends, pets.

**One doesn’t have to be ill to experience the benefits **

If one uses Reiki healing energy daily, it can distinctly reduce the tendency toward illness and support the body’s natural healing ability to keep healthy.

Reiki can also be a way of promoting the growth of one’s spiritual path. Each one of us walks our own path but certain spiritual practices can increase deeper levels of being.


    Increases inner peace, mental clarity, personal growth, & emotional stability
    Promotes calmness, loosens up blocked energy & promotes a state of deep relaxation
    Relaxes the body and significantly reduces stress, tension, anxiety, surgery discomfort & depression
    Provides relief from acute or chronic pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, lack of
    confidence, addiction and fear-based illnesses
    Complements medical treatment
    Promotes creativity
    Increases vitality & energy levels
    Boosts and strengthens the immune system
    Enhances personal awareness
    Releases blocked and suppressed feelings
    Makes ones transition at the end of life more comfortable and less anxious


A Reiki healing treatment is simple to perform. The practitioner is taught hand positions in which they place his/her hands above the person’s energy centers, with the intent that healing occur, the energy then begins flowing, accelerating the bodies own natural healing ability.  The energy has an intelligence of its own and knows where the healing energy has to go and what is needed. It never does any harm. The Reiki practitioner is a channel for the healing energy.

Each Reiki healing treatment is unique and deeply relaxing. All will have a different experience during a treatment. Some will feel heat, tingling or maybe nothing at all, the energy is working even though we maybe not be aware of it.

Reiki promotes deep relaxation and releases blockages within the physical, mental, emotional bodies. Release of tension and blockages then allow the natural flow of energy threw the body, releasing toxins and waste products as the blockages leave. Once the blockages are removed the person can then receive, hold and store more energy in the body, accelerating one’s energy vibration.

Reiki healing usually brings about slow, gradual improvements over a period of days and weeks. With conditions that have been present a long time, it may take months until maximum benefits are achieved. While occasional healing “miraculous” cures have been reported, these are relatively rare.

It is up to us to cast off old habits and patterns in our life and to accept healing and change. It is very important for everyone to “think positively”.
Sometimes people have unreasonable expectations of Reiki healing.  It does not often bring an instant cure of any condition. Reiki works with you to restore energetic balance and repair things like blockages and unbalance in the energy field which create disease and unhappiness. This can take time, especially if the illness has been in the body for awhile. It is best when having a treatment to have no expectations except to be open to having the treatment.

It is important to understand, that “healing” is not always the same as “curing”. Once again our mindset (positive) makes a considerable difference in the outcome of what may happen. Illness is usually a message from our body, take notice, something is not right in our lives. Are we going in the right direction? Do we need to learn something? Forgive someone? Bring more joy into our lives? Release old memories? Make a healthy life change? Love ourselves more?

Ultimately if we want healing to be permanent we must take responsibility for healing the cause. Reiki healing may help with this too by allowing you to approach the changes in a calm, relaxed manner. Allowing you to let go of negative thoughts and attitudes. It can bring about greater self-awareness and your capacity to love yourself and others and can connect you with the the Divine. Reiki can transform your life in many ways.

Advanced Reiki practitioners are able to give treatments without  the recipient being physically in the same place, sending treatments at a distance, called a distant (remote) Reiki treatment.

Thought for the day

Be careful of your thoughts, for your thoughts become your words
Be careful of your words, for your words become your actions
Be careful of actions, for your actions become your habits
Be careful of your habits, for your habits become your character
Be careful of your character, for your character becomes your Destiny


Reiki is very easy to learn, it is not a knowledge based system.
It is taught by someone who has their Master Teacher level. There are 3 levels that must be taken in sequence.
You usually are provided with a manual for each level, an attunement(s), a certificate, instruction and support.
You may take Reiki either distantly or in-person. The focus should be on working with the healing energy and not on attaining levels.
Reiki Courses are taught in a variety of ways, prices depending on how a Reiki Master has been taught, their personal beliefs.
Students often report significant and profound shifts in awareness and understanding during and after a course. Reiki healing is also fast becoming accepted in mainstream healthcare settings such as hospitals, hospice, operating and recovery rooms, nursing homes and many other institutions helping to demystify its effects and adding a much needed boost to the spiritual healing of the planet.


The Reiki attunement is a powerful healing and spiritual experience. You may be initiated individually or in a group setting depending on the courses offered. Reiki attunements open up the energy path ways so that more life force energy can flow through the body. Some people may have mystical experiences, healing, visions, colors and body sensations, some feel nothing at all. Attunements may increase ones psychic ability. Everyone’s Reiki attunement is unique. Once attuned to the energy, you can never lose it, it’s with you for life.

It must be understood that each person is at different places in their spiritual path when doing an attunement and will receive from the attunement what they are capable of receiving at the time.

Many people, because of the negativity in their lives, stressful living, unhealthy foods, chemicals in the atmosphere, have a fairly low energy vibrational level. They may feel little during the attunement or Reiki treatment and will have to work to develop their awareness of the healing energy.

The Reiki Attunement raises our vibrational level within the body to that of the energy added during the attunement.  However, our bodies have to adjust to this higher vibration and some people may have a temporary/mild physical or emotional reaction and go through a cleansing process.


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