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The drug and pharmaceutical industry is one of the biggest killers in America today. The third leading cause of death, behind cancer and diabetes, is death from the side effects of prescription drugs.

An enormous part of the huge budget for the big drug companies is documented as going to research and development every year. The assumption on the part of the public when this shows up in print is a picture of millions of dedicated doctors, scientists and lab technicians, laboring doggedly for a cure for cancer or some rare killer.

Certainly there is some truth to that image, and the American drug and pharmaceutical industry can rightfully take credit for giant strides forward in the length and quality of life in America and around the world.

Less obviously, there is the disturbing fact that a staggering percentage of the R&D budget of these companies is NOT dedicated to actual product research, whether through initial development or ongoing studies!

So, Where does the biggest bulk of research and development cost go? It’s painful to consider, but true, 80% goes to R&D in Marketing. Manufacturers of anything, including drugs, have every right to pursue profit.

In fact, the phrase we treasure in the Declaration of Independence, “…the Pursuit of Happiness…” was penned in at least one earlier draft as “…the Pursuit of Profit.”

But it is upon this false impression of their altruism that drug companies garner public support for their corrupt motives. For not only are they after massive profits but the elite who control both them and the government want a drugged up and dumbed down society for their New World Order.


With a host of offenses that looks like the indictment page from a brief on an organized crime group, the drug and pharmaceutical industry leads all others in America with charges and suits in everything from criminal negligence to perjury, bribery to marketing malpractice.

The problem with the drug industry is they are not content to make money off the legitimate use of their products. At the encouragement of their elite backers, they now manufacture in the minds of the public the notion of illness where normal developmental concepts once reigned.

Creating in the minds of the public a false perception of illness by “naming” an otherwise normal function and classifying it as a “disease,” the drug and pharmaceutical industry now extends or creates a new market for what might otherwise have been a useless or even pernicious product.

And lets not forget that these profit and power motivated companies will stop at nothing to make more money by destroying any possible cure for disease, by whatever means necessary. According to Kevin Trudeau, they know their drugs have side effects which will force you to take even more of their drugs. Quite profitable if you ask anyone.


The drug and pharmaceutical industry seduces the gullible or naive public with appealing commercials that promise relief from conditions the consumer never even experienced before seeing them in an advertisement.

Very lucrative are those who aren’t quite like the average person, diagnosed as having diseases, which in reality are nothing more than a different life condition. Completely healthy individuals are diagnosed with invented diseases like restless leg syndrome or attention deficit disorder.

Neither of these are real diseases, yet they have been marketed to such a broad audience that, for example, children who learn faster than the average student are given mind altering drugs like Ritalin to slow their brains down to the already reduced intelligence of a dumbed down nation.

The New World Order elite are absolutely ruthless in their quest for more power and money. Drugging America is but one of their steps for total control.


Written by erika

2009/12/07 at 10:58 pm

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  1. The main partner in all of this is Psychiatry. The Psychiatric handbook is reviewed by a panel of Psychiatrist each year and they decide what new set of actions by an individual constitutes a mental disorder. This is not scientific it’s subjective The drug companies are only to happy to come up with drugs that are supposed to treat these made up mental diseases. Drug companies and Psychiatry need to be brought back under the law.

    Psychiatry kills, Don’t let them drug your children.


    2012/07/22 at 5:16 pm

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