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Top 5 Worst Product Names

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#5 Krack Nuggets

Lays Potato Chips may have the phrase “Betcha can’t eat one”, but Krack Nuggets mean it. These nuggets are addictive and have inner city kids everywhere hocking grandma’s jewelery just for their next hit.

#4 Pee Cola

You can never be mature enough to not laugh at something called Pee Cola. Go ahead and try. Luckily it is cola colored and not yellow cause I think that would turn anyone off.

#3 Pet Sweat Water

Sometimes things are lost in translation. At least I hope they are lost in translation. Of course I can’t for the life of me think what the actual product would be called in its native tongue. Maybe “thirsty as a dog”? Is that even a saying? Maybe it really is high end bottled dog sweat.

#2 Wack Off Insect Repellent

Usually when a gel comes in a bottle called Wack Off you don’t think of insect repellent. However, this is used by the armed forces to ward off pesky tropical bugs. Of course no one can figure out why they have mosquito bites all over their bodies except for their penises. We have our top minds trying to figure that one out.

#1 ShitBegone

Could you come up with any more of a literal name for your product? I guess the people down at ShitBegone really do call a spade a spade. I just hope this product takes off so they can expand their product line. How about VaginaDam for their tampon line or SpermStopper for condoms?


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2009/12/02 at 10:12 pm

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