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Happy hump day

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I woke up around 9 930. I laid in bed because i’m not so used that kind of luxury on my typical work week. I shuffled out of bed and started to make my morning coffee, knowing that I didn’t have anything to do besides lecture at 1. I toasted two pieces of oat nut bread, one with peanut butter and one with butter and jam (one of my morning favorites) and sat down to watch the weather, some HGTV and sunrise earth. I don’t know what it was but something about the sequoia forest made me want to do a little morning yoga. I got my 3 lbs free weights (i know im a baby) and started stretching in front of the sunlit trees and chirping birds. I opened my slider and i could hear a woodpecker doing its thing outside. It was kind of cool waking up to two vastly different landscapes.

My week has been going much better than I expected. I thought i’d be at the brink of insanity by now. Monday was just a 3 hour lecture and an introduction to nursing, which I had to read 4 chapters out of my 4 inch thick nursing book for prior. Tuesday got interesting. It was lab day, and looking back to my a&p lab last year, I didn’t think it was anything to make a fuss about. But it actually turned out to be quite fun. We got a tour of the brand new grappone lab, (a building made just for nursing, and I think a few other classes are held there) and then we did a couple of experiments. She sprinkled some “germs” on our hands, which actually turned out to be this powder that was visible under UV light, and she told us to wash our ands so that there wasn’t any more “germs”. The true test happened when we all stood in a line and got examined by the mini handheld UV light. I passed, I just had a little on my wrist, and a tiny bit in the crease of my left hand. I got the fingernails down though, everyone else had a shitload of “germs” in their cuticles.

In the next experiment we all had to put on some gloves. Next thing I knew, chocolate syrup was being doused into my hands. “You’re contaminated!” she exclaimed. “Now you have to take off your gloves with out getting the rest of your skin contaminated.” The trick was, you had to take off one glove, put that glove into the gloved hand, take a glove-free finger and slide it into the glove, and pull it off so that the other other glove is inside the glove you just took off. Sounds a little complicated but its actually kind of fun, like a magic trick.

Then me and my lab partner, her name is camille who was actually in my ethics class last semester, had to go find Frank Warner’s (our patients) chart and look up any significant data about him. He had C-dificille, which is a severe contagious gastrointestinal disorder, so that meant that he had and intestinal infection and diarreah (nice huh) and was a tier 1 contact precaution, meaning we had to wear gloves and a gown before we entered the “room”. Our job was to provide oral care, and change the bed while he was in it following standard protocall.

It was a success, besides the point that we forgot the mannequin was supposed to be a real person, and I had his nose squished up on the side rail. I apologized to Frank and made sure he was as comfortable as can be. I’m going to be a terrible nurse haha.

After we were done we went to document, which is pretty much a nurses main job. We have to document after everything besides shaving and bed making, unless we see anything unusual. Then our first 3 hour lab was over. Me and camille exchanged info, and the day was done.

Me and alex had class at the same time so since I got out of lab 15 min early, i went to go wait for him. 10 minutes after 12 went by and still no alex. I tried calling him but our phones were shut off. I didn’t know what esle to do besides go wait by his car, obv he’d go there after all else. Before i got to our parking spot he pulled up next to me. “where did you go!” I said. Apparently his class got out at 1030 instead of 12. I calmed down a little and we went out to lunch at one of our favorite sushi places, Moritomo. It’s funny how small this world is. One of my friend’s from school solveig, who also worked with me, walked in with her parents. It was cool because she’s leaving this weekend and i didn’t think i’d see her again. But we are in NH, and it is kinda dinky, compared to boston or new york at least.

I wanna go to new york!


Written by erika

2009/09/02 at 2:46 pm

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