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Mmm life is good.

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The past couple of days have been the epitome of a great summer. Though I didn’t spend much of it outside, they were accompanied by scenic drives and ice coffee, and A/C for these humid days.

Alex is too good to me. He takes care of me more than I deserve and asks nothing in return, though I try to do my best. He came with me to my shoot yesterday, an hour and 15 minute drive and stayed with me the whole 7 hours, even doing a dunkins run for us. The photog and makeup artist loved him because he was a great “lighting specialist” using the light refelctor. She’d shout out, “You’re hired!” after getting the shot we were aiming for . He helped go through the images with the photog and pick out the best ones while the MUA worked on my hair and makeup after each look. He was nothing short of amazing 🙂 These are a couple shots he took from his phone.

These were two of the looks out of 4. First we did a natural clean face, and sweet up-do. Then we did earthy makup tones with wild high fashion hair with a willlow branch in it. We then went all out with colors, i had pinkish orangey lips, purple eyeshadow and false lashes, and braids in crazy hair.  Finally, we went bold with the makup and stained the lips a dark purple and slicked all that hairsprayed hair back. With this last look we had a lot of fun. We first did some shots without anything but the make-up, but then we threw in some accessories. We tried a pair of versace glasses, beads with a feather that made me look like a 1920’s flapper girl, and we even had a little fun with a derby hat. I can’t wait to see the results.

monday was my sunday and i did absolutely nothing. i love those days. nothing like chinese food and movie rentals to make your day.


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2009/08/11 at 7:05 am

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