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So I had an epic day off…

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Alex was moaning all day about his stomach, and I felt so bad. I went all martha stewart on him and made an herbal tea that’s supposed to help with upset tummys but nothing seemed to be working. I tried reiki (healing with hands check – http://reiki.7gen.com/ Im a certified reiki practitioner) but that didn’t deal out the results i wanted either. I finally told him to just fart or go take a shit.

I called ask a nurse to see what i could do. They pretty much asked the standard Q’s, (whats your pain on a scale 1-10 10 being the worst, blah blah) and ended up telling us to just go the the ER. 4 hours and two IV bags of sodium chloride later we were let go. Turns out he was just dehydrated. He was so afraid of puking up everything he ingested that he just didn’t really bother with anything. He asked for an epidural which made the nurses crack up and the doctor said that he wasn’t to go to work the next day for bed rest, which was fine for me cuz i had the day off as well.



Written by erika

2009/07/29 at 5:14 am

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