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Another rainy day…

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I woke up at 9:45 today and realized I only had 15 min to get ready for work. I looked in the fridge and there was nothing to eat. I wanted to visit my bf at work and grab a coffee and a bagel w/ cream cheese but then realized again that I had no time. Jumped into some work clothes and zipped off to work for a nice short and sweet 4 hr shift.

I’ve been selling a ton of books lately on half.com. Realized they’re not getting much use collecting dust on my book shelf, might as well make something of them. I ended up selling 5 books today and I just posted them yesterday. Heck, I could  make this into a business. So I went to the post office, and 18 dollars and something cents in shipping later they were packed and ready to go. Somehow I get a sense of fulfilment that somebody is going to recieve my book and enjoy reading it for the next however long it takes them to read it. so get on there and buy some 😉

I love victorias secret. Those little free panty things you get in the mail make me appreciate being a woman. How often do you see men get a free coupon for boxers?? I guess we are persuaded by the men who own victorias secret to wear sexy undies for the other hungry men in the world. So much for woman’s empowerment. Either way I enjoy coming home with my little bag with the wrapping tissue in it, throwing it in the wash (so many greasy grimy hands touch those things) and checking myself out in the mirror. what girl doesn’t do that?


So  after dealing with the mishaps and pleasures of my day, me and my bf get dinner at a local hannaford consisting of breaded chicken, asparagus ( i know it makes you smelly but it’s so tasty) and summer squash, and I had to grab some sushi as an appetizer. Turns out he’s more of an amazing cook than I thought. I love little surprises like that. Keeps my future looking sunny 😉

Then what better way to end the day than a dose of pilates and a cup of joe? sounds good to me 🙂


Written by erika

2009/07/23 at 1:30 am

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